Bruce Springsteens självbiografi ”Born to run” (Simon & Schuster Ltd, 2016) recenseras av Thomas Svolos i ”The Lacanian Review” (27 Augusti, 2018):

”And, at that point in the book, some 300 pages in, he writes that he sought out counsel from his manager, a friend, who finds a professional for him to see in California, and that he is eventually referred to Wayne Myers, a New York psychoanalyst. He writes that he saw his psychoanalyst for twenty five years: ’The results of my work with Dr. Myers and my debt to him are at the heart of this book.’

At this point, for me, as a reader, this awareness that I have sensed in the book becomes retroactively much clearer—this is a book written from the vantage point of someone who has gone through a long psychoanalytic experience…”

“The Boss” and Psychoanalysis

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