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How Robyn, Pop’s Glittery Rebel, Danced Her Way Back From Darkness
(NY Times, 2018-09-21)

Robyn om tiden efter några år i psykoanalys:

“Speeding back up” after this period felt good, but “I can also sometimes miss being really sad, because I was so in tune with my feelings,” Robyn acknowledged. “There’s a closeness to your feelings — it’s special, and maybe a spiritual experience in some way.” The therapy yielded concrete results, too: Her parents, who hadn’t spoken in 20 years, resumed communication. And after two years of separation, she and Max reconciled.

Robyn said she’s out of the darkness, but she doesn’t feel like she “returned.” “I feel like I almost became another person,” she said. “Like the goal wasn’t for me to come back — I really feel like I rearranged my insides in a way. I didn’t know what I even had to go back to. I felt like a lot of things that I believed before were not true anymore.”

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